Is a first of its kind festival/carnival to spread the message, ‘All Days are Good Days’. The idea behind this event is to replace silence and secrecy around periods with dialogue and conversations. The fest aims to draw together professionals from all walks of life to emphasize the message: “All Days are Good Days.” The fest is divided into a different arenas/Zones:

Health Zone : Due to lack of silence and shame around women’s health issues a lot of questions and concerns go unaddressed. This Zone aims to answer questions regarding various women health topics such as Menarche & Menopause, Vaginal Discharge, PCOD etc.

Pad Zone : This arena comprises of stalls displaying various kinds of menstrual management products such as disposable pads, tampons, menstrual cups. The idea behind this zone is to provide varied knowledge regarding a basket of products available to manage periods so that informed choices can be made by women.

Debunking the Myths Zone : The darkness of myths and orthodox practices cloud the national process of menstruation that makes it almost evil and therefore this zone/space is conceptualized to debunk those myths with reason via performances or acts.

Artist Zone : Creative expression is a powerful mode to bring about change in the society as the artists of all kinds have the instruments to throw light on the issue that needs to be talked about. Therefore, Artist Zone brings together artists and their art through which they express the need and the depth of the topic at hand.

Fun Zone : Learning should never be a tedious process and so a little and fun games in the Period Fest can be instrumental in celebrating the aspect of life that has long been experienced as penance by women and girls.