Fighting Taboos Breaking Stigma

Dr. Surbhi Singh ( Gynecologist & Obstetrician)

Our body goes through many orderly physiological changes during adolescence, normal changes that we generally show resistance in accepting. Our involuntary, impulsive reactions to these changes are classified as normal in the world of sciences and are to an extreme, considered valid. However, our society denies accepting these and labels them as 'aNon-accepatblebehavior'. Natural processes & activities like menstruation, nightfall, safe sex, masturbation, etc. are stigmatized and unspoken of in society. Such subjects associated with our Sexual and Reproductive Health are rarely addressed within our homes, school or community, providing little or zero guidance on navigating through these changes, which negatively impact our body and health.

Through my career journey, I realized that what comes between us & our mental-physical health is the restrictive social mindset.How will we manage our health if we don't understand our body and its processes? How will we form a positive relationship with it if we don't accept our body and its impulses?

All the science of health & hygiene is Kicked out of the ballroom when the conditioning dictating the natural process of menstruation or activities like masturbation are impure and shameful rules over scientific facts. The problem isn't the process; instead is with the attitude society adapts toward individuals going through them or practicing them.

The stigma around these subjects is deeply embedded in our system; knowledge is the only tool that can uproot it. We believe that by using education as a key we will be able to unlock the traditional mindsets of the people so that they not only break free from the shackles of this stigma but the incoming generations are born free of it as well. We institutionalized 'Sachhi Saheli' to combat this mindset the only way we knew would cause a generational shift i.e. through education. Initiating conversations around these stigmatized subjects and presenting a scientific and informed view can bridge the gap of knowledge and help us crossover from the point of ignorance to acceptance, anxiety to confidence. This is why we focus on comprehensive sex and sexuality education and say out loud, 'Ab PataChalne Do'.(let everone be aware)

I welcome you aboard to join hands on our journey - to let go of the shame, embarrassment, or guilt that we hold towards our bodies constricted by societal behavior and norms.

Comprehensive knowledge of our body its functions & processes is the only way to accomplish the same.

So lets be a part for a massive change - first for ourselves and then perhaps for others.

Join us by breaking the silence and normalizing what is natural, kyunki "hum bolenge, muh kholenge tabhi zamana badlega!".