Several girls and women are subjected to restrictions in their daily lives simply because they are menstruating and many times this comes at the cost of their dignity. So much so that in February of 2020, college students in a hostel in Gujrat were made to strip to prove that they weren’t menstruating so that could enter the kitchen & temple premises in their college. Not only this but also a controversial statement was made by a priest in Gujrat claiming that women who cook during menstruation will be reborn as female dogs.

The ‘Mahwari bhoj’ or the ‘period feast’ is organized in response to such dogmatic traditions and opinions wherein menstruating womxn cook up a feast that is enjoyed by all genders. The first ever ‘mahwari bhoj’ or ‘period feast’ was organized by Sachhi Saheli in Delhi on 23rd February 2020 in response to the words of the swami in Gujrat where 28 menstruating women cooked delicacies and more than 300 people from all walks of life who attended the event enjoyed the feast. Amongst them were Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia and feminist activist Ms. Kamla Bhasin.

Sachhi Saheli will continue to hold Mahawari Bhoj or Period Fest occasionally in order to debunk the myths and also to uphold the menstrual dignity of all menstruators.