Menstrual Café is an initiative of Sachhi Saheli, that is essentially a community/a group of individuals who come together to create a safe space for conversations, discussions and activities to take place on the much stigmatized topics of menstruation and sexual & reproductive health of all womxn. A café in the current culture is a space where one can let loose, let their guard down and talk freely with friends. The same concept is replicated in the Menstrual Café where free flowing yet pertinent conversations can take place around topics such as menstruation, gender, mental health and more.

These conversations will enable spark/trigger a thought process in the members of the Menstrual Café, it will enable them to not only understand others perspectives but also their own as they listen to themselves talk or engage in though-provoking activities.

While working with diverse groups, an important and realization was reached—Placing agency of change in the members of the society itself is crucial. That is the rationale or the logic behind Menstrual Café.

Through continuous dialogue and engagement with topics of menstruation, gender, sex and sexuality, and sexual and reproductive health in Menstrual Café, the participants will be able to better understand their biases and consequently bring positive change in their mindsets and in the mindsets of their friends and families.

In order to better understand the realities, as a part of Menstrual Café, its members through community outreach initiatives will also actively work with communities/slums around them to bring relevant interventions into the lives of those who are disadvantaged or not privileged.

The Menstrual Café is an initiative that will be especially launched in Schools and Colleges and as a part of the Menstrual Café, the participants will:

Obtain Leadership Role Experience : As proponents of Menstrual Café, students who set up the Menstrual Café in their respective campuses will take lead in organizing activities of the group and in encouraging fellow students to join the Menstrual café. This role will require the students to take initiative, plan and execute their ideas and the hands-on experience in leading such an initiative will add to the skill-base of the students.

Experience a Community : One of the main agendas of any Menstrual Café in College/University will be to create a safe space for individuals to talk about and share their thoughts/experiences on topics ranging from mental health to reproductive and sexual health. In our fast moving lives, we often miss out on connecting with others and with ourselves. Menstrual Café will offer the participants a safe space and the feeling of being a part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Obtain Knowledge about their Personal Health and Well-Being : Through regular awareness workshops, students( Both male and female) will have access to important information and knowledge about topics of Menstruation, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Sex and Sexuality. As conversations around these topics are unusual, most of are susceptible to receiving wrong or incorrect knowledge about our own bodies and their functioning. As a part of the Menstrual Café, students will have access to proper, reliable and correct knowledge on these topics that will enhance their personal well-being.

An Opportunity to bring change : As a group of individuals who are passionate about destabilizing stigmas, the participants will be able to turn their passion into action through community outreach programs.

Experience Self- Growth : Through indulging in thought-provoking conversations, reflections and activities the participants of Menstrual Café will gain positive mental and emotional stimulus to grow as individuals.

presentably Menstrual café is opened in following schools and colleges

Ambedkar University Delhi

BVN School

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women

Lady Shri Ram College

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam (ARSD)

Bhaskaracharya College Of Applied Sciences

Gargi College