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मुझे खुशी है की सच्ची सहेली ने माहवारी व जैसे बच्चों में Sexual abuse जैसे संवेदनषील विषय पर खुल कर बात करने की शुरूआत की है। जो आज के समय की ज़रुरत है। लेकिन सच्ची सहेली की सफलता तभी है जब ये ज़्यादा लोगो को छू सके। जब हम समाज, देश और दुनिया से नही अपने को बदलने से शुरू करें। अपने घर से शुरू करें। जब माहवारी व यौन उत्पीड़न जैसे विषयों पर घरों में खुल कर चर्चा हो सके उस दिन के लिए सच्ची सहेली को मेरी शुभकामनाएँ।
Manish sisodia
( Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi )

Talking about menstruation and puberty is the need of the hour. The efforts and endeavor of Sachhi Saheli has made the girls more confident and they are able to express their feelings fearlessly . The girls in my school are now more hygiene conscious and are ‘Proud to Bleed’ Sachhi Saheli has dealt this sensitive topic very efficiently and the classroom sessions have brought a remarkable change in the thoughts of the girls. A topic of shame is now a topic of pride!

Mrs. Arti Quanugo
( Teacher, GGSSS, School Block, Shakarpur, New Delhi )

The word menstruation is considered impure and Sachhi Saheli is trying its level best to break this myth. It is crushing this taboo and thus empowering girls. It is making the girls aware about Good Touch and Bad touch and has provided a good platform for our students. Sachhi Saheli hosted the classroom session with utmost care and affection as Dr. Surbhi Singh patiently listened to the students and answered their queries. The reliable information provided by Sachhi Saheli was very beneficial for the girls.

Reeta Kathuria
( Principal, GGSSS, School Block, Shakarpur, New Delhi )

Sachhi Saheli classroom sessions were very effective. The students could share freely with Dr. Surbhi their concerns regarding menstruation which they are unable to discuss with their parents. All the concerns were answered by Dr. Surbhi in a judicious manner.

Mrs. Sandhya Singh
( Principal, GGSS, Mayur Vihar Phase 3 )

The work done by Sachhi Saheli in the field of creating awareness regarding menstruation and good touch and bad touch is indeed outstanding. There was a need at this level to sensitize the young girls. Safety of girls is the foremost need of the hour and Sachhi Saheli is doing commendable work. Our girls needed a platform for sharing their experiences and queries which has been fulfilled by Sachhi Saheli. Some taboos are also removed during this interaction.

Dr. Ajay Kumar
( Principal, G. (Co-ed) SSS, Chilla Village, New Delhi )

Sachhi Saheli Classroom sessions are quiet interactive and informative. Covers all related information about menstruation. Classroom sessions create an atmosphere e in which girls easily share their personal experiences. You are doing a great job.

You are making the girls bold & confident. Successful in breaking the myth and misconceptions related to menstruation by giving logics and reasons.

Mrs. Nisha Singh
( Principal, S.K.V,No.3,Mandawali, New Delhi )

Sachhi Saheli is doing excellent work in educating the teenage girls about menstrual hygiene. Dr. Surbhi Singh of Sachhi Saheli interacted with girls of our school recently about the taboos surrounding menstruation and answered all the frequently asked questions by teenage school girls. Dr. Surbhi Singh gave logical answer s of the questions the girls asked during the session. Dr. Surbhi Singh's main objective was to break all the stereotypes and myths the girls have about the menstruation. The girls were explained that menstruation is not a disease and they need not be ashamed of it. The classroom sessions hosted by Sachhi Saheli were found to be knowledgeable for the school girls. The positive and supportive approach of Dr. Surbhi Singh gave lot of exposure to young girls to know about menstruation and good & bad touch.

Anita Singh
( Principal, S.K.V,No.3,Mandawali, New Delhi )
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