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Break Bloody Taboo Fundriser

Event start date: 10/02/2018

Time : 10:00 PM Onwards

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Break Bloody Taboo Fundriser    Event start date : 10/02/2018
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Sessions for Parents

The first point of learning for an individual is their home and it is there where one understands the ways of the world. Parenting therefore is one of the most essential pillars that our society stands on. it is imperative that parenting consists of taboo free teachings and values. Unfortunately though due to shame and stigma around menstruation and sexual abuse in our society there is a lack of dialogue between parents and children on these topics. There is also lack of proper knowledge on the issues of menstrual health and sexual abuse due to the shame that surrounds them. Therefore, in order to fill these gaps in knowledge and facilitate parenting that consists of open dialogues between parents and children, Sachhi Saheli hosts awareness sessions for parents as well. In these sessions the parents are educated on the science behind menstruation, the healthy menstrual hygiene practices and on good touch and bad touch. The parents are encouraged to have open dialogue with their children and also to create a comfortable atmosphere in homes where their children can talk to them openly about such sensitive issues.