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Menstrual Health & Awareness Day (Happy Period's Day)

Event start date: 05/02/2020

Time : 06:30 PM Onwards

+91 9818541936 | sachhisahi@gmail.com
Menstrual Health & Awareness Day (Happy Period's Day)     Event start date : 05/02/2020 To conduct an awareness session or training with professionals, teachers, social workers & health workers write to us at sachhisaheli@gmail.com or call us on +91 9818541936.    Event start date : Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra    Event start date : 27/05/2018 Break Bloody Taboo Fundriser     Event start date : 10/02/2018 INTERNATIONAL GIRL CHILD DAY 2017    Event start date : 08/02/2018
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