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Menstrual Health & Awareness Day (Happy Period's Day)

Event start date: 05/02/2020

Time : 06:30 PM Onwards

+91 9818541936 | sachhisahi@gmail.com
Menstrual Health & Awareness Day (Happy Period's Day)     Event start date : 05/02/2020 To conduct an awareness session or training with professionals, teachers, social workers & health workers write to us at sachhisaheli@gmail.com or call us on +91 9818541936.    Event start date : Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra    Event start date : 27/05/2018 Break Bloody Taboo Fundriser     Event start date : 10/02/2018 INTERNATIONAL GIRL CHILD DAY 2017    Event start date : 08/02/2018
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At Sachhi Saheli, we believe that awareness should be inclusive as for the girls to grow and explore their potential it is essential that the society creates an enabling environment for them. Therefore, Sachhi Saheli extends its level of assistance by hosting 2 calendar events annually in order to reach a larger audience for their benefit. The two events that we host annually are Menstrual Hygiene Day and International Girl Child Day. We have had the opportunity to host these events in collaboration with various government and corporate bodies and have also received an overwhelming response in regards with participation. Here is a glimpse of each of these events: