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Guiding them to Light from Darkness of Myths : Classroom Sessions

With the motto, : “tu bolegi muh kholegi tabhi zamana badlega”,x Sachhi Saheli encourages young girls from class 8th to 12th to shed their inhibitions and speak their minds and ask questions related to menstruation freely. From her experiences, it shows that these children have a lot to tell and ask.

Sachhi Saheli aims to to give vocabulary to teenage girls and boys about organs of our body other than the usually talked about– eyes, ears, nose and lips. The logic seems self-evident that when teen agers are bestowed with knowledge of menstruation, sex, sexual organs, good touch and bad touch, two extremely important and far reaching things would occur:

  • First, they would not try to get such information from other untrusted sources that would scar their understanding of these things for life.
  • And second, it would help them sensitize about each other’s needs and live a more just life, not only for oneself but for others too. We conduct interactive and educative sessions on all the schools to,
  • Impart right knowledge about Menstruation (why, how, when, what to do in several situations)
  • Break the myths and clear doubts
  • Focus on menstruation hygiene
  • Encourage them to propagate the agenda and talk about it!

By focusing on menstrual health education, SACHI SAHELI is enabling women and girls to take control of their bodies in safe, healthy and effective ways. All women deserve the right to manage their bodies hygienically and with dignity. Menstruation is a natural occurrence that ought never to cause shame or hinder opportunity.

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