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Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra

Event start date: 27/05/2018

Time : 06:30 AM Onwards

Venue : Block E, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

+91 9818541936 | info@sachhisaheli.org
Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra    Event start date : 27/05/2018
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The Cause

The clouds of myth and superstition that surround menstruation are affecting millions of women every day and more importantly, shaping how young girls and women look at themselves, their bodies and their roles in our society. Statistics reveal that at least 23 per cent of girls in India quit schools when they start menstruating and the rest miss at least five days during each monthly menstrual period between the ages of 12 and 18. Various research studies have identified menstruation as one of the key barriers to girls’ school attendance and attainment.

Our understanding of menstruation continues to be vague despite science shedding light on it. Thus a lot of bizarre beliefs are twisted to explain it taking cues from the defunct beliefs of primeval communities and cultures. Despite having known that menstrual fluid is nothing but a harmless mixture of blood, tissues and small amounts of hormones for about a century now, the culture of silence around the subject keeps menstrual myths unquestioned and inviolable.

Since school is viewed as the most important opportunity for young people to affect change in their communities, Sachhi Saheli is committed to advancing the knowledge of women and girls through educative gender targeted programmes in school that focus on menstruation, feminine hygiene, good touch bad touch and several other topics that are still “shushed” in our society.