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Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra

Event start date: 27/05/2018

Time : 06:30 AM Onwards

Venue : Block E, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

+91 9818541936 | info@sachhisaheli.org
Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra    Event start date : 27/05/2018

As Sachhi Saheli talked periods with the Boys and Girls of Sarvodaya Vidhalaya in Kitchner Road, Delhi- By Namita Bhura


The rain a day before had left the climate very hot and humid, sweat trickled down my forehead like water trinkles as I ran through the long lobby to the hall where the recent answer to Surbhi’s question was like a reverberation from a manufacturing plant, the echo made me smile. That is the enthusiasm that justifies our efforts. As I entered the hall I saw the students engrossed in the interactive questionnaire she was explaining. To my amazement, even the boys were as solid stuck to the session as a table to its top. As she moved on with the lecture towards the anatomy of the uterus and the oncoming of periods, we could feel the group getting more and more interested sparing a few headblock boys at the back, so I decided to go sit amongst them and help listen.

It worked the girls were now coming up with more and more answers and looked keen on knowing more. It was senior section group so the boys at the back were actually backbenchers, but to my amazement, all were now trying to listen, but at certain junctures, one or two comments would pop out then zipper,  back to silence!!!. There were all type of students in the group notorious, not so notorious studious, serious and even those to whom nothing matters, but only common thing amongst them was the silence and their open eyes & ears, fixed on Surbhi. As the session advanced my vision from students went across and I noticed there were 7 male teachers and unlike other sessions, they were there since the beginning, with no effort towards leaving. All were concentrating hard to get what Surbhi was trying to explain. This is the real step forward, instantly my 32 white army broadened out. It looked like a big leap the society wanted to take with us.


As the session progressed and we explained the myths being followed and the society, the boys too agreed to have noticed some like the Kitchen no entry rule !! (during periods.


Now is the best part of the session, this is where we sensitized the boys regarding their adolescence issues and the benefits of the 5 P pouch for their family & friends.  we asked the boys to pledge to gift our 5P pouch to any one person within the week, which most did ( I am happy with the “most” because they didn’t pledge if they were not to follow, I appreciate the bluntness). As the session progressed to its last leg, we bid our goodbyes with a roar “tu bolegi muh kholegi tabhi zamana  badlega” I even saw 4-5 boys look at the girls sector and say it with us.

As Surbhi says, even if 2 get sensitized in a whole group consider your job well done. Thus I did.


This is the part I never want to forget as I was picking my stuff to walk out, two boys walk up to me and say “Ma'am we loved the lecture can I too get a 5P pouch to make similar and gift forward” the second one says ma'am could “You in your next lecture explain more about Night Fall.” This made me want to read and consult more doctors about the same and go back to them with the answers they seek.I was truly very happy with the session, more boys than the girls came up to thank for the session, saying it broke some ice today somewhere!!!!!. We distributed the pouches we took with us, in hope that each such pouch given forward with find 10 sisters to spread the word.


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