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Menstrual Health & Awareness Day (Happy Period's Day)

Event start date: 05/02/2020

Time : 06:30 PM Onwards

+91 9818541936 | sachhisahi@gmail.com
Menstrual Health & Awareness Day (Happy Period's Day)     Event start date : 05/02/2020 To conduct an awareness session or training with professionals, teachers, social workers & health workers write to us at sachhisaheli@gmail.com or call us on +91 9818541936.    Event start date : Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest'18 & 'Pad' Yatra    Event start date : 27/05/2018 Break Bloody Taboo Fundriser     Event start date : 10/02/2018 INTERNATIONAL GIRL CHILD DAY 2017    Event start date : 08/02/2018

Become a volunteer

Helping to change a life, may end up changing yours. Become a volunteer today!

One of the best gifts one can give is your time. By volunteering you make a profound contribution towards taking the mission to change mindsets ahead. We have a variety of ways you can invest your time and energy with Sachhi Saheli. Click below to find out more. Walk with us!

  • Become a Campus Catalyst

  • Spread awareness through Theater

  • Become an Event Volunteer

  • Become a Research and Awareness Volunteer

  • Capture Smiles! : Become a Photography/Videography Volunteer for Sachhi Saheli

  • Draw for Impact! : Design for Sachhi Saheli.

  • Become a Social Media coordinator

Important Terms and Conditions

For the seamless execution of your volunteership, it is essential that we have a framework in place. Please note the following as you choose to volunteer with us:

  • Choose among the many options Sachhi Saheli provides, which best matches your skills & Interests.
  • You would be required to send a copy of your Curriculum Vitae at sacchisaheli@gmail.com
  • You would be required to fill up the Sachhi Saheli volunteer form and also submit an application addressing it to the president of Sachhi Saheli elucidating on the duration, reason and the date of commencement of your engagement with the NGO.
  • After your selection, you would be required to submit a copy of your identity proof and you would also be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will list down all your responsibilities as a volunteer along with Sachhi Saheli’s responsibilities towards you.
  • You will be awarded incentives as per your level of engagement during the term of volunteership.
  • Upon successful completion of your engagement you will be awarded a certificate and a Letter of Recommendation [If required.]
  • If you fail to work for the entire term of your volunteership as mentioned in the MOU and quit midway, you will not be awarded the certificate or the Letter of Recommendation.

Kindly Note: If you aren't clear about what you would like to do, don't hesitate to ask questions while applying for an opportunity. We can even work out an option that suits your time and skill. We will engage with you very actively, once you have made up your mind, so be committed to the time and work you sign up for! Looking forward to have you as a part of the Sachhi Saheli Family! (In the end of every volunteer opportunity)

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