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Master Trainers' Program 2018

Event start date: 02/04/2018

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Master Trainers' Program 2018    Event start date : 02/04/2018

Welcome to Sachhi Saheli

Sachhi Saheli is an NGO with a mission to enable all the levels of our society to act collectively to ‘let’ every woman lead a life on her terms. It aims to fight social taboos, break through stigmas to give voice to women and talk about everything that the society hesitates to discuss. Shock, shame and lack of awareness leads one fourth of girls in India to quit schools when they start menstruating.It is sheer humiliation that the world’s largest democracy that is moving towards modernity is facing such primitive and trivial....


What we do?

Master Trainers' Program 2018

Event start date: 02/04/2018



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Important Helpline Numbers

POCSO Helpline 9868235077 Childline 1098
Delhi Commision For Women Helpline 181 Delhi Police 100
Anti Stalking/ Obscene Calls 1096 Women’s Helpline 1091